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Looking to join a Women's Club that gives back to the community while also having fun?

The purpose of this organization is to be able to give our time & service to make all of Lancaster County a better place. We hope to partner with other non profits throughout our community to give back to those in need. Throughout the year we will also have social events to celebrate and mingle with ladies throughout our county. 

Dues are $75 annually
● $27 to the General Federation Women’s Club SC
● $48 to remain in ILWC to help cover community outreach programs & events

Venmo @indianlandwomensclub1

We are looking for volunteers to help put in the followings committees:

Hospitality: This committee helps plan & produce the club’s ongoing social
activities. Typically, we have one social per month—and occasionally, we have socials that
include our significant others (called “Plus One” events). Members help brainstorm ideas, work out logistical arrangements, track event registration, set up for events, and so on—all the activities you’d expect when throwing a party!  Please contact our Hospitality Chair Tamitha Irvin if you would like to help

Arts: This committee shall foster & support activities & projects related to
the arts. The committee shall identify ways in which members can engage in the community service projects & shall coordinate membership participation in these projects.  Please contact our Arts Chair, Trinity Cho if  you would like to help. 

Social Media/Marketing*:  This committee oversees the Publicity & Web
Communication of ILWC & manages the website along with all social media. Prepare &
maintain the annual yearbook The yearbook is produced for our membership and includes all the information about the Programs and Events for the year. In addition, it offers contact information for each member. The committee is responsible for collecting & organizing information, & selling ads that underwrite the cost of the yearbook. 

Education: This committee shall promote education at all levels. We
help others, while continuing to learn ourselves. Projects in the Education and Libraries
Community Service Program are designed to foster schools and educational institutions, & to promote literacy, libraries, & the love of a good book. Future plan to include scholarships to Seniors in Lancaster County. Please contact our Education Chair, Bailey Threatt if you would like to help. 

Fundraising/Corporate Sponsors: Research options, plans, & anticipated profits & expenses for any fundraising projects & present suggestions to the
Executive Board. Work with local businesses for possible sponsorship opportunities. If  you are interesting in joining or would like more information on sponsorships, please contact Jen Basik

Membership Chair*:  Organize our membership drive and on-going process to encourage membership. Maintain membership records. Attend meetings to ensure ILWC members are signed in. 

Sunshine Chair*: Help families who may be in need of a little extra help once a new baby arrives, the loss of a loved one, are ill or undergoing treatment and coordinate meal trains.

* denotes that this committee needs both a chair and committee members. 

Don't see a committee that is close and dear to your heart?  Contact us and let us know, we can work together and help your vision come to life! 

"Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart."

      Elizabeth Andrew

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